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Reverse Discharge Mixer Machine

Reverse Discharge Mixer Machine

Concrete is most commonly used construction material known for its proven strength & durability. It is made from naturally available materials like stone aggregates & sand mixed with cement and water. Present day RCC structural designs need high quality concrete mix, consistent in strength & workability, as concrete is a prime ingredient next only to steel.

Standard Features

  • Reversible Drum thru push button.
  • Skip Bucket lifted / lowered hydraulically with a simple lever.
  • Life lubricated sealed bearings for rollers.
  • Grease cups / nipples for rotating parts.
  • Power transmission thru ‘V’ belts for smooth operation.
  • Analog gauge to read loads in bucket.
  • Level indicators on water & oil tanks.
  • Dis-assemblable axle for transportation on vehicles.
  • Hand lever for cranking in case of power failures.
  • Auto water flow controller (only on electronic machine)

Construction Special Features

  • Load cell based digital weighing system.
  • Liquid admixture dosing system
  • Multi bucket configurations for individual aggregates loading separately
  • Four wheel chassis
  • External weigh batching (to improve productivity)
  • Legs with screw jacks for easy levelling
Model RD400 RD550 RD750
Capacity Dry Per Batch 400 liter 550 liter 750 liter
Water tank Capacity 80 liter 180 liter 180 liter
Output 30 Batches / Hour 8 to 9 cu.meter 9 to 10 cu.meter 10 to 12 cu.meter
Electric Motor (Diesel Engine) 5 HP (10 HP) 7.5 HP (15 HP) 10 HP (20 HP)
Pneumatic Wheels 5.50X13 6.00X19 7.00X19
Rotary speed of Mixing Drum 16/20 16/20 16/20
No of pins Single Two/Three Two/Three
Weighing systems Dial Gauge Digital Electronic Digital Electronic
Drive belt drive Gear Driver Gear Driver
Mechanical Screw Jack 4 4 4
Electronic Water Meter (often) Mechanical Meter Digital Digital
Ad - Mixer Unit (often) - Digital Digital

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